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Pediatric Dentistry in Istanbul​

An important part of the Paediatric Dentist’s job is to guide the child through the different dental procedures and make him feel comfortable. This way it will be easier for the child to accept this new experience without developing anxiety or fear. In the long term, the specialist will promote a positive and natural attitude towards dental health and dentistry, as a child, and later in life as an adult.

Sentez Dental provides a relaxed atmosphere and comfortable environment for the child, as well as trained specialists that ensure the efficiency and quality of the treatments. We place great importance on behaviour management. We believe it is key to a successful treatment, as the cooperation of the child is crucial to achieve successful results.

A positive and relaxed approach, as well as good communication skills, is key if we want to earn the child’s trust and that of the parents.

Pediatric Dentistry in Istanbul

Some of our patients visit Istanbul with their kids and get their kids’ dental procedures while they are getting theirs done.

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