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Orthodontic Treatments in Istanbul

What are the orthodontic treatments?

Malocclusions and dental malpositions are a very frequent dental health problem for many individuals that often require orthodontic treatment. Orthodontic treatments allow us to restore the functionality of the mouth, while improving dental and facial aesthetics and, therefore, increasing the quality of life of the patient.

Starting at a very young age, children can safely undergo this type of treatment. Until recently, most patients in orthodontic clinics were children. However, in recent years, there has been an increase in the number of adults who chose to undergo this type of treatment. The currently make up almost 50% of the total number of patients. Orthodontic treatments in Istanbul are also done mainly for our adult patients

Orthodontic treatments can be carried out using removable aligners, or fixed braces. The removable aligners are custom made so that they fit the profile and characteristics of the patient’s teeth, and can be removed at any time. Fixed braces are adhered to the surface of the patient’s teeth using resins, and are tightened using a metallic arch wire. The tension applied through the wire progressively moves the teeth until they reach the desired position.

Orthodontic Treatments in Istanbul​

Same as any other dental procedures, Orthodontic Treatments in Istanbul​ also depend on the patient. An initial examination must be followed up by a comprehensive treatment plan.

Here at Sentez Dental, we let our patients know what kind of orthodontic treatments would be the best for them after a comprehensive examination.

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